The New Look of the 2015 Mercedes CLS Class

Read any Mercedes Benz CLS Class review and you’ll likely hear discussions about how the model redefined the look of the manufacturer’s lineup leading it in a sleeker direction. It’s also single-handedly attributed with starting the four-door coupe movement. The news now nearly 10 years later is once again about the look of the Mercedes new models for 2015.


Design Features of the Newest CLS Models

From front to back the design of the 2015 Mercedes CLS Class has been refreshed to make it look slightly sportier than before. The revamped design features include:

-New Diamond Grill
-Matte chrome trim on the grill
-Multibeam LED lights replace the bi-xenons
-Redesigned bumpers
-Sweeping rear end
-Darker taillights
-Updated wheels

The new look is being likened to a grown-up version of the CLA model, meaning that the new CLS models are slightly more sporty than before. Revamped CLSs will be hitting the showroom floors this fall for interested buyers to get a firsthand look at all the changes.


It’s Still a Mercedes CLS Class Coupe

Though the models have four doors, the cars still maintain a Mercedes CLS Class coupe appearance. The sides come up high in the back reducing the size of the windows for the telltale CLS look. The new design elements push the sporty coupe look even further and revamp the model’s reputation as a head turner that’s putting the competition on edge.

In addition to the restyling of the current CLS cars, there will also be an entirely new model next year that’s meant to be more of an entry-level CLS. The new CLS400 will have a V6 rather than a V8, which is the biggest variation from its predecessors. The 2015 Mercedes Benz CLS class price is expected to remain relatively close to this year’s model despite the updates to the design and a host of upgrades to the instruments inside.

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