The loyalty you have to your country may influence you to purchase an American car. You may be able to get a great deal if you buy a Japanese or Korean car. While these are certainly good reasons to purchase non-European makes, buying a German car can give you the qualities you seek in a vehicle and much more. Here are the top five reasons to consider buying a German car:

1. In some cases, you’re still supporting American manufacturing.

Put aside any guilt you have for purchasing a foreign vehicle! Did you know that the BMW you buy and take to your Austin BMW service shop may have actually been assembled in South Carolina? Likewise, the Mercedes you repair in Austin might have come from Alabama, not Europe. Many German makes outsource manufacturing, so by purchasing a German vehicle, you may also be supporting the American workforce.

2. “German engineering” has a good reputation for a good reason.

Whether the German brand you love is Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper, or Porsche, there’s a very good chance that you’ve only rarely had to take your car to the shop for some type of mechanical problem. The Porsche repair Austin guys aren’t unlike the bored “Maytag man.” German vehicles are built for longevity and dependability, so in the long run, your investment will save you countless dollars in potential repairs.

3. German luxury cars are some of the best in the world.

Despite the global economic downturn, German luxury car makers hardly suffered. From Audi to Rolls Royce, German luxury car makers continued to flourish while other manufacturers struggled. Why? German luxury cars are recognized as offering some of the best luxury options in the world. German vehicles generally offer classy designs and countless accessories that can make you feel pampered during a mere drive to work.

4. German cars aren’t just for people who like what’s flashy and chic anymore.

BMW’s Mini Cooper has proven that high-quality German cars are more than just status symbols. When you take your car to an Austin Mini service shop, you’ll find Mini owners who bought their cars because of the gas mileage, the excellent performance, and because Minis work so well in an urban environment. Volkswagen in particular has released a number of affordable, fuel-efficient models in recent years, such as the Jetta SportWagen.

5. They drive so well!

If you haven’t driven a German car before, you simply don’t know what you’re missing. With a perfect combination of performance, reliability, and comfort, German cars are fun to ride in and fun to drive. The smooth, dependable ride they provide makes for easy travel and commute. Built to last, a German vehicle has the ability to far outlive American and Japanese vehicles. Proper maintenance will assure a German car’s longevity.

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