First, do yourself a favor and stay away from the quick lube service facilities. Week in and week out, our Austin BMW experts see vehicles with stripped drain plugs due to using the wrong tools. In most cases, these plugs are aluminum and can easily be damaged causing added headache and expense. It’s best to go with BMW experts like the ones at German Auto Center of Austin.

If you are going to undertake an oil change on your own, know your vehicle.

Many of today’s German performance vehicles, including BMW, do not have oil dipsticks and the engine oil level must be checked electronically or with special BMW tools. Most often, the oil level will vary based on temperature so the temperature must be controlled. In addition, be sure to use the right oil for your specific model year and BMW engine. Remember, the VANOS system or mechanical lifters of the M-series require different weight oil based on the year and engine design.

Whether changing your engine oil yourself or having an expert at German Auto Center perform your oil service, be sure to inspect the condition of your oil first. We strongly recommend that you closely examine the oil filter and to cut it open to inspect for any metallic particles. This is the best early indicator of any further issues. As all oil filters are not created equally, be sure to avoid paper core filters (commonly used by quick lube shops). The extreme heat of your BMW engine will quickly destroy the paper core filter.

Be mindful to check your oil level regularly. Excessive oil consumption can be an early indicator of other issues such as vacuum leaks or premature failure of the crankcase ventilation system. Remember, the Texas weather is not the same as Germany, we highly recommend shortening your oil service intervals to between 5,000 and 7,500 miles depending on your driving habits and BMW engine.

If you would like to bring your BMW to the BMW experts at German Auto Center of Austin, we will be happy to assist you. Check us out or set your own appointment at German Auto Center is locally owned and operated by Len Gilmore.

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