Porsche service, repair and upkeep isn’t something that can be handled by just any mechanic. Porsche repair shops in Austin are abundant, however they aren’t created equal. When it’s time to bring your Porsche in for service here’s how to scout out the shop that can get the job done.

What to Consider When Comparing Porsche Repair Shops in Austin

Long Track Record – Porsches have been around for 116 years. While we don’t expect you’ll find a repair shop that old in Austin, the one you choose should have a solid track record of doing business. German Auto Center is one of the oldest Porsche repair shops in Austin with more than 35 years of steady service.

Exceptional BBB Score – The Better Business Bureau was created to help consumers gauge the quality of businesses. The organization uses numerous factors such as the age of the business, the number of complaints and resolutions of complaints to rate businesses. The highest grade a business can receive from the BBB is an A+.

Past Clients That Recommend a Business – In today’s Internet age it’s easy to see what customers think of their experience with a business. Google+ and Yelp are two great resources for customer reviews.

Certified to Service Porsches – One of the quickest and most definitive ways to gauge the quality of a Porsche expert in Austin is whether or not they are certified. Ask if the shop is a Bosch Authorized Car Service Center before giving them your business. To receive the certification a shop’s employees must be properly trained and the facility must be equipped to work on Bosch systems and components.

After doing a little research online you may want to call or visit a few shops to see which one feels like they’ll be the best fit. Austin locals can call the German Auto Center anytime to speak with the owner Len Gilmore about Porsche servicing and repair.

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