Mercedes A-Class Sedan Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan may be an entry level model to some, but it offers way more than fully loaded versions of other vehicles. It’s an intelligent car that will give your smartphone a run for its money in both advanced tech and sleek design. Drivers and mechanics agree the A-Class takes inexpensive luxury cars to the next level.

Let’s take a look at what this vehicle has to offer and what it’s like to drive a Mercedes A-Class Sedan in Austin.

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan Model Essentials

The new Mercedes A-Class Sedan model has a sleek, sweeping design that’s clean but eye-catching, perhaps because it is so minimalist. It may look paired down, but this sedan is full of features that appeal to modern drivers.


The A-Class is far from being the most powerful Mercedes, but it’s a peppy little ride nonetheless. The 2.0L inline-4 turbo engine is well-suited for the compact sedan, which practically drives itself when you add on the 14 optional driving assist features.

Other performance features and specs of the new Mercedes A-Class Sedan include:

Mercedes A-Class Sedan Pricing

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan model is the most affordable vehicle in the line up. They start at $32,500 for the A 220, which is a great entry level price for a luxury car. Upgrading to the A 220 4MATIC is just $2,000 more. But if you’re trying to keep the price tag in check be careful with the add-ons. The price can soar to nearly $50,000 when it’s completely decked out.

Tech Features

Tech is just as important in the new A-class Sedan as the engine. Mercedes engineers didn’t want to just load the car with advanced tech features. They wanted to make it extremely intuitive and usable. That’s why the dash display operates just like a smartphone. And of course the Mercedes A-class Sedan syncs with your phone.

Some of the top tech features in the new Mercedes A-Class Sedan include:

Common Mercedes A-Class Sedan Maintenance in Austin

Your new A-Class may not need maintenance for a while, but soon it will be time for the 5,000 mile tune-up. A few of the Mercedes A-Class Sedan maintenance needs that have to be covered early on include:

Keep your Mercedes A-Class Sedan running like new with a custom maintenance plan. German Auto Center can help you customize the recommended maintenance schedule to suit your driving habits, the Austin road conditions and local environment. Give us a shout to create the perfect maintenance plan.

Mercedes A-Class Sedan Repair in Austin

The Mercedes A-Class Sedan models are new, which makes it difficult to say what repairs may be needed down the road. If you’re trying to guesstimate potential repairs the best strategy may be to look at the C300, the model just above the A-Class. There are a few common repairs that drivers come across:


Discernable drivers know they can trust German Auto Center with their Mercedes A-Class Sedan service in Austin. Our team of techs has over 100 years of combined experience working on all Mercedes models from the A-Class to the AMG GT. Give us a call to learn more about our Mercedes A-Class Sedan repair, maintenance and performance upgrades.

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