Mercedes AMG C 43 Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes AMG C 43 is one of the rare middle ground luxury sedans. It’s not entry level, but it’s also not top-of-the-line. Instead, it’s a solid daily driver that’s the sporty member of the C Class sedan family. 

Thinking about owning a Mercedes AMG C 43 in Austin? Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from this expertly crafted sedan. 

The Mercedes AMG C 43 Model Essentials

The Mercedes AMG C 43 is a punchy, powerful sedan that’s not over-the-top. It’s meant to provide superior performance, but it isn’t supposed to be a sports car. It’s a luxury sedan that is well-suited for short drives around town, yet it’s comfortable enough for longer hauls. 

Mercedes AMG C 43 Performance 

The latest Mercedes AMG C 43 model has an engine with two fewer cylinders, but it’s still able to make a little extra power thanks to electrified assistance. The engine was crafted using Mercedes’ F1 turbocharging technology that uses an electric turbocharger, and there’s also an additional 48-volt hybrid assist system that kicks in at lower RPMs. The handling is a bit tight, but all-in-all the AMG C43 performs very well. 

With latest Mercedes AMG C 43 model comes equipped with: 

Mercedes AMG C 43 Pricing

The Mercedes AMG C 43 model is fairly approachable in the price for being a mid-level sedan. It starts at $59,900 and comes standard with a lot of extra features.

Tech Features in the Mercedes AMG C 43 Model

The AMG C 43 is designed to be driver-focused yet multi-sensory. Mercedes tech engineers have created a high-touch environment with an ample dash that’s set up with several touchscreen displays that make it easy to keep control as you drive. It’s a purely digital cockpit that gives you numerous ways to connect and charge devices on the go. 

The Mercedes AMG C 43 comes loaded with tech, but there are also advanced features like head-up display and a wireless smartphone charging pad that come as options and in package add-ons for a decent price. 

The Mercedes AMG C 43 comes standard with:  

Mercedes AMG C 43 Repair in Austin

Many drivers give the Mercedes AMG C 43 high marks for drivability, but in the past, models have had a few common issues that may need to be addressed down the road. Common AMG C 43 repairs include: 

Common Mercedes AMG C 43 Maintenance in Austin

Repairs are unexpected, but maintenance for the Mercedes AMG C 43 is anticipated. Regular maintenance should start at 10,000 miles. It should include: 

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