Mercedes AMG C 63 Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes AMG C 63 model is one of the top performers of the C Class sedans. For some time, it’s been the sedan of choice for those who like a balance of refined luxury and sheer performance. But now Mercedes is taking the AMG C 63 in a new direction by making it a hybrid.

Owning a Mercedes AMG C 63 in Austin just might be the first step to going all-electric. 

The Mercedes AMG C 63 Model Essentials

The Mercedes AMG C 63 is a popular model that may become even more popular now that it’s moving into the hybrid category. Making the gas engine much smaller hasn’t slowed the AMG C 63 down a bit while giving it better gas mileage. Now that’s automotive innovation. 

Mercedes AMG C 63 Performance 

The Mercedes AMG C 63 is known as the high performance member of the C class. Even though the newest Mercedes AMG C 63’s gas engine is half the size as previous models there’s the addition of an electric motor that makes the sedan even more powerful than before. The electric turbocharger system is based off of the automaker’s Formula 1 car. So yeah, it’s fast. Just don’t rely on the electric battery alone to get you there unless the drive is really short since you can only go six miles. 

With the new Mercedes AMG C 63 model you’ll enjoy performance features like: 

Mercedes AMG C 63 Pricing

The new Mercedes AMG C 63 model starts around $81,850. But if you want the latest driver assistance features you’ll have to pay at least $1,100 more.

Tech Features in the Mercedes AMG C 63 Model

When even the engine has NANOSLIDE cylinder wall technology you know a vehicle is going to be advanced. The Mercedes AMG C 63 was designed for drivers that are interested in high-tech features. The only catch is many of the most advanced features don’t come standard. You’ll have to add-on a package or some optional upgrades to get intelligent features like adaptive cruise control that can tell when a curve is ahead.

The Mercedes AMG C 63 comes standard with tech features like:  

Mercedes AMG C 63 Repair in Austin

With a brand new engine under the hood, it’s hard to say if the Mercedes AMG C 63 will have repair issues or electrical glitches that require a mechanic. In the past, the AMG C 63 models have been plagued by a few common problems that include:

Common Mercedes AMG C 63 Maintenance in Austin

Maintenance is going to be needed no matter what type of C class you own. With a new type of engine, regular maintenance is that much more important for the AMG C 63. Regular maintenance for the Mercedes AMG C 63 includes: 

Need a mechanic that can provide exceptional Mercedes AMG C 63 service in Austin? German Auto Center has been working on Mercedes models of every kind since 1979. We’re equipped to fix gas engines, hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Call us today to schedule a Mercedes AMG C 63 repair, performance upgrade or maintenance.

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