Mercedes AMG C63 S Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes AMG C63 S has gotten some upgrades and a new moniker – AMG C63 S E Performance. Mercedes is making it clear what the AMG C63 S is all about right in the name. Not only is the newest Mercedes AMG C63 S a top performer of the C Class, it’s also a fuel-efficient hybrid.

Keep reading to find out what it’s like to drive a Mercedes AMG C 63 in Austin.

The Mercedes AMG C63 S Model Essentials

The idea behind the Mercedes AMG C63 S is to bring race track technology to regular roads in a practical way. There’s no denying this is one of the fastest hybrids in existence. You can even switch to all-electric mode to launch over 80 MPH from a stop. Performance may be the main selling point, but it’s far from all that the Mercedes AMG C63 S has to offer.

Mercedes AMG C63 S Performance 

No matter what type of driver you are, the Mercedes AMG C63 S should provide an exceptional ride. After all, there are eight drive modes to choose from. But across the board, the AMG C63 S is a crowd pleaser for drivers that feel the rush from incredible speed, especially off a starting line. An excited electric motor sits at the rear axle so that ample power goes to all four wheels.

The new Mercedes AMG C 63 S model boasts performance features like: 

Mercedes AMG C63 S Pricing

The starting price for the newest Mercedes AMG C63 S model should be about six figures. But don’t expect it to come with all the extras. If the Mercedes AMG C63 S is like models of the past you’ll need to purchase a package or two to get the upgraded features. 

Tech Features in the Mercedes AMG C63 S Model

When Mercedes decided to bring the AMG C63 S into the hybrid category, they went all out making it technologically advanced. From parking to opening the trunk to turning on your favorite song, almost anything can be accomplished with the push of a button. The one downside is that the most advanced features require purchasing a package and upgrades.

The latest Mercedes AMG C 63 S comes equipped with:  

Mercedes AMG C63 S Repair in Austin

It’s going to be difficult to guess potential repairs for any vehicle with a brand new type of engine that hasn’t been road tested by the masses. The best thing that Mercedes AMG C 63 S owners can do is keep an eye on earlier AMG C 63s to see if they have issues. The most common problems for the C Class include:

Common Mercedes AMG C63 S Maintenance in Austin

The repairs may be a bit of an unknown, but maintenance is a definite. Maintenance for the Mercedes AMG C 63 S is going to start at 15,000 miles with: 

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