Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Owner’s Guide

The all-wheel drive 4MATIC system has been a part of the Mercedes C Class family since 2002, but in the past it was an add-on option. Now the Mercedes C 300 4MATIC is the dedicated model for drivers that want superior traction, handling and safety without a huge price tag. The sedan is also more fuel-efficient than in past years, which is an added bonus.

If you’re considering a Mercedes C 300 4MATIC in Austin we’ve got more details on what to expect as an owner.

The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Model Essentials

The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC model is stylishly sporty and sophisticated. It’s smaller and more compact than its larger siblings, but it’s still packed with features and a polished interior design that reminds you the C 300 4MATIC is a luxury vehicle. If you’re new to owning a Mercedes this model is a great place to start. 

Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Performance 

The goal with the Mercedes C 300 4MATIC isn’t to make the fastest vehicle on the road. It’s designed to be intuitive and responsive for an easy, smooth drive. It’s a solid introduction to luxury sedans that offer higher level engineering like NANOSLIDE cylinder wall technology. The steering can feel a bit sloppy, but overall Mercedes has hit the mark. 

With latest Mercedes C 300 4MATIC model comes equipped with: 

Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Pricing

The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC is very affordable for a luxury brand vehicle. The model starts at $46,850. If you step it up all the way to the Pinnacle trim the price will be $50,800. 

Tech Features in the Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Model

Like the other C Class models, Mercedes wanted the C 300 4MATIC to offer advanced technology without being cumbersome or clunky. The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC has the same high-touch dash screens that make it easier to connect and customize the driving experience. The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC gets really impressive in the tech department when you upgrade to a higher trim. That’s when advanced tech like heads-up display and video augmented navigation comes included. 

The Mercedes C 300 4MATIC comes standard with:  

Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Repair in Austin

Even though Mercedes is known for crafting reliable vehicles with engines that can easily go 100,000 miles, you may run into a repair along the way. Adding all-wheel drive could influence the types of repairs that are needed. 

Repairs that have been common for 4MATIC models in the past include: 

Common Mercedes C 300 4MATIC Maintenance in Austin

No matter if your Mercedes is an entry level sedan or the SL Roadster, maintenance is a requirement for optimal performance. Mercedes suggests that you begin regular maintenance once the engine reaches 10,000 miles. If you keep it up, your C 300 4MATIC could easily go 150,000+ miles.  

Regular maintenance measures for the Mercedes C 300 4MATIC should include: 

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