Mercedes C-Class Coupe Owner’s Guide

The new Mercedes C-Class Coupe lineup is winning over experts and drivers. It’s a sporty two-door that’s actually comfortable not cramped for the driver and three passengers. Something only Mercedes could pull off. Now in its fourth generation, the C-Class is better than ever.

If this car’s caught your eye, keep reading to find out more about driving a Mercedes C-Class Coupe in Austin. 

The Mercedes C-Class Coupe Model Essentials

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of driving a Mercedes C-Class Coupe model will tell you the newest rendition is setting the bar for style and luxury. With one glance you can tell that the C-Class Coupe is modeled after the super luxurious S-Class. It’s much more upscale than the price tag would suggest. 


Nimble, smooth and stable – the C-Class Coupe handles extremely well, and the drive mode selector lets you choose how it handles. The newest Mercedes C-Class Coupe is more powerful than previous models, but if power is a top priority the AMG version is the best option. Opt for the all-wheel drive and the C-Class Coupe becomes an all-weather machine. Pair that with the active safety systems and you can drive with assurance even on the rare occasions when the roads get a little icy. 

The newest Mercedes C-Class Coupe performance specs include: 

Mercedes C-Class Coupe Pricing

The C 300 is the base Mercedes C-Class Coupe model, and it starts at $43,800. There are four other models that span a wide range of prices.

Tech Features

The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is known for its sportiness and styling, but it isn’t a slouch in the tech department. It’s never been short on technological advancements and the newest generation is no exception. The steering wheel alone with its two touchpads is more than enough techiness for most drivers.

The latest Mercedes C-Class Coupes come with tech features like:  

Common Mercedes C-Class Coupe Maintenance in Austin

Mercedes Benz is big on maintenance because they want their cars out on the road for well beyond 100,000 miles. When you take care of your C-Class Coupe, it will take care of you by going the distance for years to come. Maintenance measures that start at 5,000 miles include:

Getting peak performance out of your Mercedes C-Class Coupe is easier with a custom maintenance plan. We can help you create a personalized maintenance schedule that’s suited to your C-Class Coupe, driving preferences and the local driving conditions. Call today to learn about our custom maintenance services. 

Mercedes C-Class Coupe Repair in Austin

One of the best things about the C-Class in general is reliability. You won’t find many Mercedes C-Class Coupe owners that think they bought a lemon. The few repair complaints include:

To date there have been 32 recalls involving Mercedes C-Class Coupe models. The latest recall was in July 2019 for the active brake assist. There was another recall on 12/07/2018 due to a steering coupling that may not lock properly, but it only involved the C 300 4MATIC. On 11/27/2018 there was a recall for all models because there was a possibility the passenger airbag status wouldn’t display correctly. 

German Auto Center can handle Mercedes C-Class Coupe service in Austin no matter what model you own. Our techs are just as experienced as dealership mechanics without the exorbitant hourly rate. Come by the shop or give us a call to schedule Mercedes C-Class Coupe maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

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