Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes CLS Class Coupe is the four-door coupe that started it all. Now in its third generation, Mercedes Benz is stepping the CLS Coupe up with five seats and engine upgrades that make the car more powerful and more energy efficient at the same time. 

Interested in owning the Mercedes CLS Class Coupe in Austin? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect. 

The Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Model Essentials

Six cylinders, five seats, four doors – by the numbers the CLS Class Coupe checks a lot of boxes. After a few rounds of revisions, Mercedes has focused on making the CLS Class Coupe equally comfortable, practical and fun to drive. Small changes like lowering the multilink suspension have had a big impact on drivability, which is why the CLS is one of the German automaker’s best selling coupes. 


The turbo inline-6 engine is one of the stand out features of the Mercedes CLS Class Coupe model. It’s outfitted with a 48-volt Integrated Starter-Generator that can provide 21 horsepower without using fuel. It’s the perfect blend of performance and efficiency. For even more grip and go off the line, there’s the all-wheel 4MATIC model and ability to change the driving mode for a smoother ride. And for drivers that are all about power the AMG model won’t disappoint.

The latest Mercedes CLS Class Coupes have some impressive performance specs: 

Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Pricing

The base CLS 450 Coupe model starts at $69,200 before extras and upgrades. Select a higher level trim and the added features will cost a bit more.

Tech Features

Mercedes has always intended on the CLS Class Coupe to be an innovator. It’s usually one of the first models to get the latest tech features to road test. It was among the first models to be retrofitted with Car-to-X technology that communicates with a central hub to get insights on what’s down the road. This car is so intelligent it can read road signs and react accordingly.

The new Mercedes CLS Class Coupe comes with tech features like: 

Common Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Maintenance in Austin

To keep your third generation Mercedes CLS Class Coupe running strong when the next generation is unveiled you’ve got to keep up with maintenance. Regular maintenance should start after you’ve logged 5,000 miles on the road. Standard maintenance measures include:

Go beyond basic upkeep with a custom maintenance plan from German Auto Center. Our techs can evaluate your CLS Coupe, driving preferences and local driving conditions to put together a plan that optimizes performance. Give us a call to learn more.

Mercedes CLS Class Coupe Repair in Austin

The CLS 450 doesn’t have any reported problems so far after its 2019 release. If you’re wondering what repairs may be around the corner the similar CLS 550 model could be an indicator. Here are some of the more common repairs that were seen with past generations:

Get dealership quality Mercedes CLS Class Coupe service in Austin for a reasonable price at German Auto Center. Our team of technicians has over 100 years of combined experience working on all makes and models. Give us a call to schedule Mercedes CLS Class Coupe repairs, upgrades or maintenance.

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