Mercedes E-Class Coupe Owner’s Guide

Now in its fifth generation, the Mercedes E-Class Coupe is more powerful and opulent than ever. The cabin get high notes across the board, the performance is outstanding and the advanced tech features help to futureproof this coupe. 

Keep reading to get a better feel for what it’s like to own and drive a Mercedes E-Class Coupe in Austin, TX. 

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe Model Essentials

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe model is one of the German automaker’s most iconic vehicles. It’s designed to attract luxury car owners that want something sporty without going full sports car. Even the standard E 450 is extremely well equipped and has amazing design elements like the pillarless design that feels wide open when the windows are down. The new Mercedes E-Class Coupes are building on tradition and advancing the model forward all at the same time.


The E-Class Coupe isn’t just about good looks. The 3.0L V6 biturbo engine definitely cranks out a fair amount of power. If you go with the E 450 you may want to consider adding the Driver Assistance package for a number of semiautomatic features. Step it up to the AMG 53, Mercedes’ entry level performance coupe, and you’ll get more power along with a hybrid powertrain that gives it even better gas mileage than the E 450. The one complaint is that the E-Class Coupe can feel a bit stiff at times.

The new lineup of Mercedes E-Class Coupes come with impressive performance features like: 

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Pricing

The E 450 Coupe starts at $59,800 before any upgrades. Bump it up to one of the higher level trims and the added features will cost a bit more.

 Tech Features

Pushing the E Class line forward year after year has made it a lineup with standard tech features that would be an upgrade in just about any other coupe. Mercedes gives drivers more control with voice command technology and more entertainment options by pairing with smart devices. The advanced tech also extends to driving components that makes getting where you need to go much safer.

The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe comes with tech features such as: 

Add the Premium Package and you’ll also get:

Common Mercedes E-Class Coupe Maintenance in Austin

If you want your new Mercedes E-Class Coupe to still be running strong when the sixth, seventh and even eighth generations are unveiled you’ll need to invest in maintenance. Starting at 7,500 miles you’ll need to schedule:

Why follow the standard maintenance schedule when your E-Class is anything but basic? At German Auto Center we can work with you to create a custom maintenance schedule based on your coupe’s condition, your driving preferences and the Austin driving environment. Call us today to learn more.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Repair in Austin

 The E 450 is a new E-Class Coupe model that replaced the E 400 so there hasn’t been enough time to know if there are common repairs that could crop up. But based on its predecessor, owners may experience:

Since 2008 there have been 44 recalls that involved an E-Class Coupe model. The last recall was on 12/7/2018 for potentially faulty steering components.

German Auto Center offers impeccable Mercedes E-Class Coupe service in Austin that’s on par with the dealership. After more than 100 years of combined experienced, our team of techs knows these vehicles inside and out. Give us a call to learn more about Mercedes E-Class Coupe maintenance, repairs and upgrades at German Auto Center.

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