Mercedes E-Class Wagon Owner’s Guide

If you thought wagons were on their way out, think again. Mercedes is reviving the style with the E-Class Wagon. But this isn’t the wagon you remember as a kid. It’s a perfect example of luxury meeting practicality with a healthy amount of power that defies the ample size.

Interested in owning a Mercedes E-Class Wagon in Austin? Load up six other passengers and get ready for a surprisingly sporty, smooth ride. 

The Mercedes E-Class Wagon Model Essentials

Don’t let the cargo-friendly cabin fool you. The Mercedes E-Class Wagon model is luxury through and through. It’s a wagon kids will actually want their parents to pass down. It’s also a super smooth ride that responds surprisingly well. If you want a comfortable hauler that can handle its own on the highway, then the Mercedes E-Class Wagon is worth a test drive.


At first glance, you wouldn’t suspect that the Mercedes E-Class Wagon is capable of going from 0 to 60 in five seconds. But looks can be deceiving. The V6 engine is gutsy, and it’s built to take on rough road conditions. Drivers that want a wagon with serious power and athletic performance can upgrade to the AMG E 63 S. 

The latest Mercedes E-Class Wagon performance specs include: 

Mercedes E-Class Wagon Pricing

Family-friendly luxury can be yours for just over $66,000. There are two Mercedes E-Class Wagon models with very different price points.

Tech Features

Wagons may make you think of vacations in the 80s, but the Mercedes E-Class Wagon isn’t stuck in the past. It’s arguably one of the most technologically advanced haulers on the road, complete with an optional semi-autonomous driving mode. 

The latest Mercedes E-Class Wagon tech features include: 

Common Mercedes E-Class Wagon Maintenance in Austin

Make sure your Mercedes E-Class Wagon is ready for the next road trip, commute or carpool with regular maintenance. E-class automobiles should start maintenance at 5,000 miles. The recommended services include:

If you’ve invested in a Mercedes E-Class Wagon it makes sense to maximize performance and longevity with a custom maintenance plan. Our expert technicians at German Auto Center can put together a personalized plan that’s based on your wagon, your preferences and the local driving conditions. Call today to learn more about scheduling maintenance. 

Mercedes E-Class Wagon Repair in Austin

The Mercedes E-Class Wagon may have a new badge number, but the model has been around for a while. Based on earlier models, Mercedes E-Class Wagon owners may experience the following repairs:

The 2019 E 450 4MATIC Wagon and E 63 S AMG Wagon have been involved in one recall. Select models with tailgate mounted spoilers were part of a recall in November 2018 because the spoiler could come off during transit. 

At German Auto Center you’ll get the best Mercedes E-Class Wagon service in Austin at a price that’s even better. We’ve got dealer expertise and talent with local shop customer service. If you need Mercedes E-Class Wagon maintenance, repairs or performance upgrades, give us a call

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