Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Owner’s Guide

It may be the smallest SUV that Mercedes makes, but there’s a lot to like about the GLA 250 SUV in terms of being a starter luxury vehicle. It isn’t a powerhouse or the most tech-filled vehicle in Mercedes’ lineup, but it does have a great aesthetic, upscale touches and good handling. It’s all-around well-suited for being a good-looking daily driver around town.

If you’re considering a Mercedes GLA 250 in Austin, this quick overview we’ll give you a better idea of what it’s like to own one.

The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Model Essentials

The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV model is meant to introduce SUV lovers to the luxury brand. The automaker does so by giving the driver a taste of what it can do in all aspects of function and design. The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV may leave you wanting more, but that might be the point.

Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Performance

SUVs aren’t known for speed, but handling is crucial when you’re driving vehicles that are heavier. The Mercedes GLA 250 handles well and feels responsive. So the performance is there where it really counts.

Unfortunately, the GLA 250 SUV doesn’t come standard with many advanced features. Getting the Driver Assistance Package and Parking Assistance Package both add a number of driving features that enhance drivability and safety.

With latest Mercedes GLA 250 SUV model comes equipped with:

Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Pricing

The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV proves that entry-level luxury vehicles can be affordable for the masses. It starts at just $37,500 standard. Adding the four-wheel drive will add another $2,000 to the price. 

Tech Features in the Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Model

For this price point you can expect Mercedes’ advanced tech, just paired down. For instance, instead of getting the 10.25” touchscreen display, the GLA 250 SUV has a 7” display standard. But it’s still impressive in the tech department for an affordable, compact SUV with features like MBUX voice assistant.

The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV model also has some technologically advanced control systems like remote start with the app and over-the-air software updates.

Other tech features in the latest Mercedes GLA 250 SUV include: 

Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Repair in Austin

The Mercedes GLA 250 SUV model is among the most reliable for the automaker in terms of common repairs. Owners have very few complaints in that department. Among the common Mercedes GLA 250 SUV repairs there are:

Common Mercedes GLA 250 SUV Maintenance in Austin

No matter how automakers innovate, maintenance is going to be a part of owning any vehicle. Proper maintenance is essential for getting the most miles out of your Mercedes GLA 250 SUV. It should start around 10,000 miles with:

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