Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Owner’s Guide

With near identical performance specs as the GLA 250 SUV, you may wonder what sets the Mercedes GLB 250 SUV apart? Why does the model even exist? There are actually a few pretty big distinctions that differentiate the two SUVs, and theycould make the GLB the better option.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to drive and own a Mercedes GLB 250 SUV in Austin, and how it compares to similar models.

The Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Model Essentials

There may only be one letter difference in the name, but the Mercedes GLB 250 SUV is a standalone vehicle. The biggest difference between these Mercedes makes is the size and seating capacity. The GLB is the slightly bigger and boxier version of the GLA, which makes it a good choice for anyone who regularly carts around passengers and could use the extra space.

Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Performance

There isn’t much difference in the performance aspect when you’re comparing the GLB 250 SUV to the GLA version. But what is impressive is that the GLB is bigger and bulkier, yet doesn’t sacrifice power and speed using the same engine. The GLB doesn’t even sacrifice much in the way of miles per gallon.

For an SUV that can seat up to seven people, the Mercedes GLB 250 SUV model has strong handling and is comfortable to drive on long hauls. However, this SUV isn’t an offroader, even if it looks like one.

With newest Mercedes GLB 250 SUV model features the following performance specs:

Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Pricing

The entry level Mercedes GLB 250 SUV model starts at $39,800 before any add-ons or packages. It’s a little more expensive than the GLA 250, but many people think the extra space is worth the higher cost.

Tech Features in the Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Model

Here again, there are a lot of similarities between the Mercedes GLB 250 SUV model and the GLA 250 SUV. Mercedes has loaded the base GLB model with a slew of advanced capabilities, including their voice assistant feature. From automatic warning systems and one touch emergency calls to keyword activation and remote starts with the app, Mercedes is making it easier to enjoy the ride.

Some tech features you can expect to see in the newest Mercedes GLB 250 SUV include: 

Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Repair in Austin

No one wants to think about repairs, but they are a fact of vehicle ownership. Whether it’s a mechanical failure or a driver error, some repairs are just more prone to happen with certain models. Now that the GLB 250 has been tested by real world drivers for a handful of years, there are a few issues that are considered more common than others. Common Mercedes GLB 250 SUV repairs include:

Common Mercedes GLB 250 SUV Maintenance in Austin

No matter what Mercedes model you drive, maintenance is a part of owning the vehicle. You’ll get the most out of your Mercedes GLB 250 SUV by beginning maintenance at 10,000 miles. Maintenance should include:

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