Mercedes Maybach Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes Maybach model is dubbed the private jet of the streets. It’s the epitome of traveling in style right down to details like the triple band LED lights. There are no words for describing how lavish this sedan is – you’ve just got to experience it to understand.

Keep reading to get a better idea of what’s it’s like to drive the simply incredible Mercedes Maybach.

The Mercedes Maybach Model Essentials

From the moment you see the Mercedes Maybach you know it’s special. The lengthened wheelbase is a defining feature of the Maybach that adds to the comfort of the drive and elegant design. And comfort is what this luxury ride is all about. You can forget about simple multi-zone climate control. The Mercedes Maybach has 64-color ambient lighting, fragrances and massage treatments to ease you into the ride.

The Mercedes Maybach is a dream to drive, but the back seat is so accommodating you may want to let someone else take the wheel. It’s one of the few vehicles on the road that allow passengers to recline all the way back and enjoy streaming entertainment, views from the panoramic moonroof and the plush heated leather seats. 


The Mercedes Maybach is surprisingly athletic for a super-lux executive sedan. From the chassis to the touchpad steering wheel this vehicle is designed to handle whatever road is ahead. Whether you have the turbocharged 4.0L biturbo V8 or the V12, the Maybach packs an impressive amount of power into a beautiful package.

The new Mercedes Maybach model features: 

Mercedes Maybach Pricing

If you have $170,750 to spend on a car you can get the newest Mercedes Maybach S 560 4MATIC. That’s the starting price tag before any options and upgrades, which can exceed $80,000. Step it up to the Mercedes Maybach S 650 Sedan and the starting price jumps to $199,900.

Tech Features

Mercedes has outfitted the Maybach with tech that pushes innovation to the next level. It’s so forward thinking you can see what’s ahead on the road before you get there. Like a private jet, the car uses radar technology and advanced navigation systems as well as scanning cameras. When you’re in a Maybach you’re driving into the future.

The Mercedes Maybach is loaded with amazing tech features like: 

Common Mercedes Maybach Maintenance in Austin

When you spend as much on a car as many people do on a house, you should be just as vigilant about maintenance. There are 17 recommended maintenance points for the Maybach that should be covered over the course of 142,000 miles. Starting at 7,500 miles, Mercedes Maybach maintenance should include:

A high-end car like the Mercedes Maybach is anything but standard. So why should your maintenance plan be basic? Give German Auto Center a call to learn about our custom maintenance plans that are based on your driving preferences and the local driving conditions.

 Mercedes Maybach Repair in Austin

Driving around in a Mercedes Maybach is like cruising around in a sporty limo that’s intelligent enough to avoid potholes. But professional drivers will tell you even the most luxurious vehicles require a repair on occasion. The most common Mercedes Maybach repairs in Austin include:

There was also a recall in November 2018 involving the S 560. The recall was for faulty seat belts that may not fully engage in the event of a crash.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Mercedes Maybach in Austin we should talk. German Auto Center is one of the only shops in Central Texas that’s equipped to handle Mercedes Maybach service in Austin. Our techs have over 100 years of combined experience working on luxury German-made vehicles. Stop by the shop to find out why Mercedes owners have trusted us with maintenance, repairs and upgrades for more than 40 years.

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