Mercedes S-Class Coupe Owner’s Guide

If the S-Class Sedan just isn’t sporty enough for you Mercedes has the answer – the S-Class Coupe. Since 2015 this two-door version has been a welcome addition to the S-class lineup. The newest Mercedes S-Class Coupes are packed with tech features and an engine that’s more powerful than ever before. 

Owning a Mercedes S-Class in Austin is something few people are able to achieve. If you’re in that group, or hope to be soon, this overview is for you. 

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe Model Essentials

You and three passengers can experience a truly exceptional drive in the Mercedes S-Class Coupe model, because this is a coupe that’s designed to be comfortable and entertaining no matter the distance. Many have likened it to the Bentley Continental GT in terms of its luxurious interior and the smoothness of the ride. Compared to the starting price of the Bentley, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe will feel like a steal. 


The Mercedes S-Class Coupe’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 outputs more than enough power to get this car cruising, and that’s without opting for an AMG model. The suite of available driver assistance features are integrated well so that all the adjustments don’t become cumbersome, which is the case in some vehicles. If you want to turn an assistant feature off or make an adjustment all you have to do is tap the steering wheel. 

The latest Mercedes S-Class Sedan includes: 

Mercedes S-Class Coupe Pricing

Owning a Mercedes S-Class Coupe doesn’t come cheap. The most expensive model exceeds the median home price in the U.S. The starting prices are: 

Tech Features

The entire S-Class family is known for being technologically advanced. Like the sedan, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe model pushes innovation to the limit with an amazing selection of tech features that make each drive safer, more comfortable and more entertaining. 

In the newest Mercedes S-Class Sedan Coupe you’ll find: 

Common Mercedes S-Class Coupe Maintenance in Austin

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe generally requires 21 types of maintenance service that begins at 7,500 miles. The first maintenance services you’ll need include:

A Mercedes S-Class Coupe is not a standard vehicle in any sense. So why stick to a standard maintenance schedule? At German Auto Center we can create a custom maintenance plan specifically for your S-Class Coupe and driving preferences that also takes the local roads and weather into consideration. Call today to put together a plan.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe Repair in Austin

The S560 recently replaced the S500 so there aren’t likely to be many repair complaints. Even though the Mercedes S-Class Coupe is an exceptional machine, issues with the S500 could carry over to the latest model. Common repairs include:

The S560 4MATIC was involved in a recall on November 30, 2018. The recall involved the seat belt pre-tensioners not operating properly. 

When only the best Mercedes S-Class Coupe service in Austin will do you can trust the experts at German Auto Center. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience, we specialize in luxury German vehicles and our shop is completely equipped to do everything the dealership can do at a more competitive price. Mercedes S-Class Coupe maintenance, repairs and performance upgrades – we do it all, just give us a call

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