Mercedes S-Class Sedan Owner’s Guide

The Mercedes S-Class Sedan sets the standard for luxury cars. With the newest S-Class sedans you aren’t just sitting in the lap of luxury. These innovative cars practically drive themselves so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. A plethora of driving and safety features simultaneously give the driver more control while doing most of the work.

Keep reading to find out more about the model and what it’s like to own a Mercedes S-Class Sedan in Austin.

The Mercedes S-Class Sedan Model Essentials

Forget what you know about driving a luxury vehicle. The Mercedes S-Class Sedan is far from other four-doors that focus on quiet comfort. S-Class sedans offer every comfort you can think of right down to relaxing aromatherapy, but the powerful engine will awaken your inner track star. 


The Mercedes S-Class Sedan is elegantly athletic. Superior performance is expected with the twin turbo engine, but few people realize the first AMG was an S-Class sedan. Mercedes engineers bring sports car sensibility to a spacious sedan to create a vehicle that’s an amazing daily driver. 

The latest Mercedes S-Class Sedan includes: 

Mercedes S-Class Sedan Pricing

The S-Class Sedan is an investment. You can pick up a new S 450 Sedan for $91,250, but that price can quickly double with higher end models and upgrades.  

Tech Features

The innovations didn’t stop at the engine. The Mercedes S-Class Sedans are extremely advanced in terms of safety, comfort and entertainment. It has tech extras that even other luxury cars don’t have.

Driving a Mercedes S-Class Sedan means you get to enjoy tech features like: 

Common Mercedes S-Class Sedan Maintenance in Austin

You have to protect your S-Class investment with regular  maintenance. Once you reach 7,500 miles the basic maintenance services below should be scheduled:

A custom maintenance plan is the ideal option for the handcrafted engines of the S-Class lineup. Our expert technicians will work with you to create a schedule that’s based on your preferences and the local driving conditions. With your maintenance on autopilot there’s one less thing slowing you down. 

Mercedes S-Class Sedan Repair in Austin

Even high-end luxury sedans need the occasional repair after thousands of miles. A few Mercedes S-Class Sedan repairs you may experience in Austin include:

The S-Class Sedans have been involved in a number of recalls. The AMG S 65 has been a part of 12 recalls and the AMG S 63 has had 15 recalls. Other S-class models such as the S550 and S350 have been involved in other recalls.

At German Auto Center will thoroughly enjoy getting the opportunity to provide Mercedes S-Class Sedan service in Austin. We’ve been working on Mercedes Benz models for more than 40 years with a team of techs that have a 100+ years of experience. Maintenance, repairs, upgrades – we do it all, just give us a call

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