Porsche 718 GTS Owner’s Guide

The Porsche 718 GTS is a solid mid-level addition to the lineup. Many reviewers agree it’s the best of the 718 models, and that’s including the Spyder. There’s even a coupe and convertible model to suit the style of almost every sports car owner. 

Want to know what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 GTS in Austin? This quick overview will give you a good idea. 

The Porsche 718 GTS Model Essentials

Like the other 718s below it, the Porsche 718 GTS model has a throaty rumble that gives everyone around an audible sample of what it’s like to fly down the road in this easy driving sports car. It definitely brings back memories of the popular 912 Porsche. Of course, the beautiful styling is also a dead giveaway for how much fun this car is to drive.  


Performance is where the Porsche 718 GTS model is at its best. Like the T models, the GTS version is somewhat stripped down of extras and creature comforts to keep the focus on drivability. It’s such a great experience, some Porsche enthusiasts think the GTS is better than the supped up Spyder. The performance may just be enough to make you forget about the flat six.

The new Porsche 718 GTS performance specs include: 

Porsche 718 GTS Pricing

The 718 GTS boosts performance, but it comes at a higher price than the 718 Cayman T and 718 Boxster T models. If you want to drop the top it will cost you a few thousand extra.  

Tech Features

The Porsche 718 GTS isn’t the most technologically advanced vehicle in Porsche’s stables, but that’s by design. However, don’t think it’s a slouch in the tech department. There are still plenty of gadgets and gizmos to keep you busy if you’re able to pull your attention away from the spectacular drive.  

The new Porsche 718 GTS is equipped with: 

Common Porsche 718 GTS Maintenance in Austin

Maintenance is a part of car ownership even if that car is a high-performance Porsche. In actuality, maintenance is even more important when you have a sports car since drivability is the top priority. Maintenance for the Porsche 718 GTS should begin at 7,500 miles with:

When you drive a Porsche 718 GTS in Austin a standard maintenance plan just won’t do. You can create a custom maintenance schedule at German Auto Center. Our techs will work with you to personalize maintenance based on the local road conditions, weather conditions and your driving preferences. Give us a call to get started.

Porsche 718 GTS Repair in Austin

The Porsche 718 GTS models weren’t introduced to the world until the end of 2017 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. There hasn’t been a whole lot of road time yet to test the repair needs. Based on the standard 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster there are a few repairs that may need to be addressed. 

But the base models indicate owners may need to watch out for:

The 2018-2019 Porsche 718 GTS models were a part of a recall that involved a fuel leak. However, a fuel leak would only occur if a luggage compartment bracket breaks loose during a collision. 

A machine this amazing deserves the very best Porsche 718 GTS service in Austin. That’s exactly what you’ll get at German Auto Center. We’ve provided dealership-quality service at an affordable price for all Porsche models since 1979. Come by the shop or give us a call to schedule Porsche 718 GTS repair, maintenance or performance upgrades.

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