Porsche Taycan Owner’s Guide

When Porsche set out to dethrone Tesla as the leader of electric cars in 2020 they did so in a way that is true to the brand – with a supercharged sports car that has a classic Porsche design. The car is meant to represent freedom, and with an impressive range that exceeds 200 miles, Porsche delivers. 

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to drive a Porsche Tayan in Austin and what you can expect down the road as an owner. 

The Porsche Taycan Model Essentials

What’s interesting about the Taycan is that Porsche did something entirely new while trying to stay true to what is classically Porsche. Porsche wanted to get the old school sports car enthusiasts on board with electric. It may not have the farthest range available, but the Porsche Taycan model has accomplished what it set out to do – make EV driving an exhilarating experience even for the gas-powered diehards. 

Porsche Taycan Performance 

From the beginning, the Porsche Taycan model has been performance-oriented. It truly is a “lively young horse” when you get behind the wheel, and the Taycan could be the EV that wins over the sports car holdouts. Just a few years into production the Taycan is being called the EV with the best performance – by far. It’s every bit as fluid and powerful as its gas-powered siblings. But unlike those other Porsche models, the Taycan accelerates repeatedly without a problem. 

The Porsche Taycan performance specs include: 

Porsche Taycan Pricing

Porsche lovers can go all-electric for $82,700. That’s the starting price for the entry model. Of course, a $7,500 federal tax credit helps offset the cost.

Tech Features in the New Porsche Taycan Model

It was a given that Porsche would tech out it’s revolutionary first ever, all-electric model. For instance, if you really hate parking you can park the Taycan remotely with a smartphone.  One of the most forward thinking aspects of the Porsche Taycan model is it’s customization capabilities inside the cabin. Also, something of note with any EV is its charge time. The Taycan can go from 5% to 80% in 23 minutes. 

The new Porsche Taycan model comes with tech features such as: 

Porsche Taycan Repair in Austin

The Taycan is so new to U.S. streets, that there’s no way of knowing yet what type of repairs owners may face after 30,000+ miles. It’s also so mechanically different from other Porsche models, that it’s difficult to compare the Taycan to anything else in the lineup.

One thing many people are concerned with when they consider an all-electric vehicle is the battery. As of this writing, Porsche says the Taycan battery should still be at 70% of its original capacity after eight years. You should be able to go about a decade without noticing a huge difference and having to worry about battery replacement. 

Common Porsche Taycan Maintenance in Austin

The Taycan may be the first EV for the automaker, but it needs maintenance like any other Porsche. It will just need to follow a slightly different maintenance schedule that starts at 10,000 miles with: 

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