Volkswagen Tiguan Owner’s Guide

Comfortable cabin space, good gas mileage, intuitive tech – the Volkswagen Tiguan checks a lot of boxes for a daily driver. While other automakers have been focusing on making their compact SUVs more high-end or more powerful, Volkswagen focused on practicality. As a result, the Tiguan has been one of Volkswagen’s best-sellers. 

Learn what it’s like to own a Volkswagen Tiguan in Austin from driving through construction zones to handling repairs.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Model Essentials

The Tiguan has been one of Volkswagen’s most popular models for years. It’s not known as the most sporty, luxurious or reliable SUV, but the Volkswagen Tiguan still has a huge following. The price is right for a lot of drivers, and it’s a well-built compact SUV. It’s also one of the most well-rounded vehicles in its class that’s made for just about every practical driving purpose.

Volkswagen Tiguan Performance 

The Volkswagen Tiguan isn’t going to be the fastest horse in the stable, but that’s not what it’s designed to be. The Tiguan is designed to be an affordable, reliable hauler, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s got enough power so avoid feeling sluggish, but don’t expect the most thrilling driving experience as the Tiguan gets you from point A to point B.

The Volkswagen Tiguan model’s performance specs include: 

Volkswagen Tiguan Pricing

With a starting price of just $25,245 the Volkswagen Tiguan model is easily one of the best-priced SUVs available today. If you opt for the most expensive trim you’ll pay at least $39,095 for the SEL Premium R-Line. 

Tech Features in the Volkswagen Tiguan Model

The Tiguan may not be built for speed, it is outfitted with enough tech to make early adopters impressed. You can expect to find a lot of features packed into the compact SUV for a unbelieveable cost. 

The newest Volkswagen Tiguan comes with the following tech features:  

Volkswagen Tiguan Repair in Austin

After 13 years on the road we’ve heard surprisingly few complaints about the Volkswagen Tiguan model with an exception. The 2011-2014 model years are notorious for performance problems. Some 2016 models also experienced transmission issues.

The most common Volkswagen Tiguan repairs we see in Austin include:

Common Volkswagen Tiguan Maintenance in Austin

Even a brand new vehicle will need maintenance before you know it. If you’re like the average driver you’ll need to start a maintenance schedule once you rack up 5,000 miles. In total there are 15 recommended maintenance measures that need to be done over the first 150,000 miles.

Regular maintenance for the Volkswagen Tiguan includes: 

German Auto Center has handled Volkswagen Tiguan service in Austin for over a decade. We are fully equipped to handle any repair as well as the dealership. Call us today to schedule Volkswagen Tiguan repairs, maintenance or performance upgrades.

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