BMW 2 Series Coupe Owner’s Guide

The BMW 2 Series coupe is one of the most highly rated vehicles on the road today. It’s won award after award for handling, performance and safety. Basically the 2 Series coupe is a complete package in a sporty body style.

After nearly 15 years today’s BMW 2 Series coupe is a true engineering feat. If you like the 1 Series you’ll be a huge fan of the 2 Series, which only improves upon the drivability. Our BMW 2 Series coupe Austin specialists have gotten up close and personal with the various models. Here are our general impressions along with some basic information.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe Models

One 2 Series coupe would be enough to satisfy most drivers, but BMW has gone all out with a complete lineup that pushes performance to the limit. The BMW 2 Series coupe comes in four models:

• 228i Coupe
• 228i xDrive Coupe
• M235i Coupe
• M235i xDrive Coupe
For now the 2 Series coupe line seems to be pretty much set. But we wouldn’t be surprised if they add models in the future that boost performance even higher or increase the efficiency.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe Essentials

Performance and Pricing
BMW is known for giving drivers superior performance, and the 2 Series coupe lives up to that reputation. BMW’s engineers started by giving the coupe a nearly perfect weight distribution, which makes the handling remarkably precise and smooth. It’s nimble but feels stable the entire time.

The latest BMW Series 2 Series coupe performance specifications include:

• Up to 320 horsepower
• 0-to-60 in 4.4 seconds
• Up to 330 lb-ft torque (M235i)
• Up to 35 MPG on the highway
• Double-pivot spring-strut front suspension
• Five-link rear suspension
• 8-speed sport automatic transmission with paddle shifters (228i)
• 6-speed manual transmission (M235i)
• Dynamic Stability Control
• Adjustable traction control
• Variable sport steering
• Auto start-stop function
• Driving dynamics control
• Dynamic cruise control

All this power and performance comes at a relatively modest price by BMW standards. A new 228i starts at just under $33,000 making it a great entry-level option. If you want more power and a manual transition a new M235 xDrive can be had for just over $46,000. All in all, the 2 Series coupe is a great value, especially if you don’t go crazy with the upgrades.

BMW 2 Series Coupe Interior
The interior of the 2 Series coupe is just as sporty as the exterior. The bucket sport seats with 8-way controls are simultaneously comfortable and practical, giving the driver a sense of being hugged around the corners. The steering wheel can also be adjusted for better control and comfort.

Not surprisingly, there isn’t too much flash to the interior of the 2 Series coupe. However, the quality is evident and everything is laid out nicely. It’s a little tight in the backset, but that’s to be expected in a coupe.

The BMW 2 Series coupe comes in three trims – Modern, Sport and standard. Of course, you can also up the ante with a number of upgrades and options.

BMW 2 Series Coupe Tech Components

Like all new BMWs, the 2 Series coupe isn’t short on impressive tech components. But like the exterior it’s pared down compared to pricier models. The standard tech components of the BMW 2 Series coupe include:

• GoPro integration with BMW apps that can control your cameras
• iDrive system with navigation
• HiFi sound system
• USB audio connection
• Pre-wired for SiriusXM radio
• Hands-free Bluetooth
• Automatic climate control
• Rain-sensing windshield wipers

Common Problems, Service and Maintenance on the BMW 2 Series Coupe

Many owners rave about the 2 Series coupe because it’s extremely reliable and doesn’t have many issues. In regards to BMW 2 Series coupe maintenance in Austin, here are two common issues we’ve seen at German Auto Center:

• AC condenser replacement
• ABS control module replacement

BMW 2 Series Coupe Repair in Austin

German Auto Center is well known for providing exemplary BMW 2 Series coupe service in Austin. Our Bosch authorized service center is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to troubleshoot any repair or maintenance need. We can also help owners add performance upgrades for less than the dealership without voiding warranties.

Give us a call today to schedule a time to come by the shop and discuss how we can help you with your BMW 2 Series coupe.

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