BMW 528i Owner’s Guide

The BMW 5 Series is a legend in it’s own right. For more than 40 years the engineers at BMW have continuously improved the lineup to create sedans that epitomize the balance between luxury, comfort and performance. To many car enthusiasts the BMW 528i is where the German automaker really steps up the refinement.

It’s the entry-level model of the 5 Series, but there’s nothing standard about the BMW 528i sedan. Whether you’re driving up Congress in the heart of Austin, TX, cruising down the coast or taking on the elevation changes in the Hill Country you can rest assured your BMW 528i is going to provide a smooth ride. After years of providing BMW 528i service in Austin we’ve learned to truly appreciate what this sedan can deliver.

The BMW 528i Model Essentials

The 5 Series is getting a remodel in 2017, and many experts expect that the updates will win over sport sedan enthusiasts. It may not be as nimble as the 550i, but there’s still plenty to appreciate about the BMW 528i.

The 5 Series 528i comes in two models:

Performance and Pricing

Some drivers have noted that the BMW 528i and 535i are a little sluggish and don’t handle as tightly as expected. But it’s important to keep in mind that the 528i is a sizeable sedan. However, the acceleration is good and making the adjustment to Sport mode provides a sportier driving experience.

Performance specs for the newest BMW 528i include:

The 528i’s starting price tag of just over $50,000 may be a tad steep to some, but it’s a deal compared to other models in the 5 Series. Upgrade to the xDrive and the price goes up to $52,500.


When a car has 20-way multi-contour seats you can expect that the interior is going to impress. The feature-rich, luxuriously comfortable cabin is one of the top selling points of the BMW 528i sedan. There are gadgets and gizmos a plenty that work as advertised. Many drivers have noted how simple the navigation system is and how the layout makes it easy to work the voice system, radio interface and other controls.

You may notice that the new models now have dark flooring and paneling even in vehicles with beige seating. This was done by design to improve longevity and keep the interior looking nice. Another practical feature is the fold-down rear seats.

Tech Components

The 5 Series gets a lot of high scores in the tech department. Even drivers who wish the car would grip the road harder have nothing but good things to say about the tech components. Many note that adding the Heads Up Display system is worth the extra cost. But that’s just one of many features that come standard or can be added on to the BMW 528i..

The top tech features of the BMW 528i sedan include:

Common BMW 528i Maintenance in Austin

Owning a BMW 528i in Austin means you’ll get to test your ultimate driving machine in various terrains and weather conditions. That means you have to take maintenance seriously since your BMW is being put to the test by the elements.

The most common BMW 528i maintenance needs our Austin mechanics handle include:

Of course, these are in addition to regular inspections. Keep an eye on these things and take a look at your owner’s manual to see the recommended maintenance schedule.

BMW 528i Repair in Austin

After more than four decades out on the road, 5 Series drivers are sure to find quirks and bugs that need to be fixed. Based on what we’ve seen come into our shop the most common BMW 528i repairs in Austin are:

In the 528i’s long run there have only been 11 recalls that owners need to watch out for. Our team at German Auto Center is fully equipped to handle any repair, maintenance or upgrade. As a Bosch-authorized service center drivers are given assurance that only the highest quality components are being used while keeping your warranties intact. Give us a call if you own a BMW 528i in Austin that needs a professional touch to maximize performance.

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