BMW 535d Owner’s Guide

No matter what happens in the world of gas-powered and electric engines there are always going to be diehard diesel enthusiasts. The BMW 535d is winning them over along with a lot of other drivers.

BMW has created the ultimate diesel driving machine in many ways. They’ve overcome most of the shortcomings that keep people from driving diesels. For example, this car is so quiet you’ll forget it’s a diesel, the fuel efficiency is great and it isn’t sluggish. BMW has also loaded the 535d with advanced driving and technology features that separate the 535d from other diesel sedans.

The BMW 535d Model Essentials

If you’re looking for practical luxury the BMW 535d model was made for you. It’s uniquely designed to offer the best of both diesel and twin turbo power. The 535d has get up and go while still getting an admirable 31 MPG on the highway.

The 5 Series 535d comes in two models:

Performance and Pricing

Drivers commend the 535d sedan for its power and pickup. The 3.0-liter turbodiesel inline six engine pairs BMW’s diesel technology with the TwinPower Turbo technology. The result is an engine that has muscle while still being fuel-efficient. However, one of the few critiques of the 535d is that the handling could be tighter.

Performance specs for the newest BMW 535d include:

The new BMW 535d model starts at just over $57,000 before any add-ons. The base price for the BMW 535d xDrive is a little shy of $60,000. But given some of the impressive upgrades, most drivers should factor in at least a few extra thousand.


There may be differences under the hood, but like the other models in the 5 Series lineup, the 535d has a knockout interior. It’s a fantastic combination of classic luxury and new technology that makes the ride more comfortable.

The 5-seater 535d sedan offers a good amount of space up front and in the back. There’s also a one-touch operation moon roof overhead to make the inside feel more open. Up front emphasis is put on making navigation easier than ever. Even though there are more gadgets and features than most drivers will ever use, BMW designers have been able to maintain a streamlined look on the dash.

Tech Components

The new 5 Series sedans are some of the most technologically advanced cars on the road – especially when they come equipped with the Driver Assistance Plus package. But even the standard BMW 535d includes standout electronics.

The top technology features of the BMW 535d sedan include:

Common BMW 535d Maintenance in Austin

In the past diesel engines were a toss up. They’ve always been workhorses that can last forever, but the maintenance costs were high. One of the benefits of today’s well-made diesel engines is fewer maintenance needs. And the BMW 535d is one of the most well-built engines on the road.

There are very few maintenance requirements beyond the regular upkeep, such as:

Since it’s release, there has been one recall for the 535d sedan. In 2015 BMW issued a recall for the child seat restraint anchors on the left rear seat. If your anchors appear to be bent downward they need to be repaired.

BMW 535d Repair in Austin

The BMW 535d is the perfect testament to the reliability of a diesel engine. Other than the recall mentioned above there have been very few repairs reported. The most common BMW 535d repairs in Austin are:

Own a BMW 535d in Austin? German Auto Center offers reliable BMW 535d service in Austin, TX without the dealership prices. After 37 years of repairing and maintaining BMWs we’ve gotten to know all of their engines well. Give our Bosch-authorized service center a call if you’re in need of a repair, maintenance or upgrade.


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