BMW 640i Gran Coupe Owner’s Guide

If you’re going to have a coupe and a convertible in the BMW 6 Series it’s only natural to add a gran coupe as well. The BMW 640i gran coupe gives drivers sporty styling and handling along with a roomy interior. It’s unconventional in a very good way, but still traditional enough for mass appeal.

Once you drive the BMW 640i gran coupe model you’ll see why it’s the most popular vehicle in the 6 Series. It joins a small group of vehicles that are breaking new ground with an innovative design for today’s driver. The 640i gran coupe is a slick luxury vehicle with a bit of attitude and a lot of high notes.

The BMW 640i Gran Coupe Model Essentials

The 640i gran coupe was the first model of its kind for BMW. As the German automaker has ventured into new driving territory, the 640i gran coupe has evolved. Anyone who owns a BMW 640i gran coupe in Austin will tell you that it’s an attention-grabbing car. It’s made for luxurious long trips, practical everyday driving and fast-paced joy riding.

There are two BMW 640i gran coupe models to choose from:

Performance and Pricing

There’s no getting around the fact the BMW 640i gran coupe is bigger and heavier than standard coupes. Despite these physical factors, the vehicle performs impressively. True to the overall nature of the model, the 640i gran coupe offers a mixture of solid performance and good efficiency.

You’ll get the following performance specs with a new BMW 650i gran coupe:

Going larger with the BMW 640i gran coupe will cost you a little bit more. The new models start at $79,800 for the 640i gran coupe and $82,800 for the xDrive model. There are also five add-on packages and dozens of a la carte extras that can be included, which will bump up the price tag.


The unique styling continues into the interior of the BMW 640i gran coupe with its sweeping dashboard that flows into the center console. The navigation screen fits in snugly and the control panel is laid out well for the driver.

It’s easy to see that top quality materials were used throughout. The interior features soft leather upholstery, matte black trim finish and brushed aluminum accents. The extra headspace and leg space of the 640i gran coupe makes the car all around more comfortable for passengers compared to a 2-door coupe.

Tech Components

Now that the BMW 640i gran coupe has built-in Wi-Fi there are even more tech features and functionality to talk about. For starters, the new iDrive 5.0 system wirelessly connects to a variety of apps. Turn on the customizable ambient lighting, adjust the multi-way seats and get ready for a ride that feels more like home.

The BMW 640i gran coupe includes tech features like:

Common BMW 640i Gran Coupe Maintenance in Austin

Our team has found BMW 640i gran coupe maintenance is fairly standard. The vehicle doesn’t require any special maintenance, but regular upkeep is needed for peak performance. The most common maintenance measures include:

Creating a maintenance schedule starts with your owner’s manual. BMW’s guidelines will give you a good idea of what’s needed and how frequently. However, each driver and vehicle is unique. For optimal driving, work with an experienced technician that can take your preferences and habits into account.

BMW 640i Gran Coupe Repair in Austin

Active Cruise Control and the Brake Activation features may reduce your odds of getting into a collision, but they can’t completely eliminate the possibility of a repair. So far the BMW 640i gran coupe hasn’t had any recalls, which is one less thing drivers have to worry about.

The technicians at German Auto Center have found that the most common BMW 640i coupe repairs in Austin are:

Get the best BMW 640i gran coupe service in Austin without the added expense of going to the dealership. German Auto Center is a Bosch-authorized service center that’s been operating in Central Texas for almost four decades. Come by the shop to see why BMW enthusiasts trust us with their ultimate driving machines.

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