BMW 650i Convertible Owner’s Guide

Even if convertibles aren’t normally your thing, it’s hard not to be enthralled with the BMW 650i convertible. It wasn’t just made for cruising along coastlines. The 650i convertible was designed to handle roads from sea to shining sea.

The BMW 6 Series is luxuriously sporty, and the 650i convertible is a prime example. Drivers that own a BMW 650i convertible in Austin, TX know that top-down cruising has never been more comfortable. BMW’s engineers figured out how to incorporate more creature comforts, outstanding performance and enhanced functionality while staying true to the convertible spirit.

The BMW 650i Convertible Model Essentials

Few cars can go from fully enclosed to convertible in just 19 seconds – while still going 25 miles per hour. And if it looks like a storm is about to start the BMW 650i convertible can have you covered in as little as 24 seconds. If that weren’t enough, the ingenious engineering at BMW also factored in a heated glass rear window that could be lowered when the top was up. It’s aptly named California Mode.

The latest lineup of BMW 650i convertible models include:

  • The standard 650i Convertible
  • The all-wheel drive 650i xDrive Convertible

Performance and Pricing

At this level you can rest assured that the performance is going to be well above average. The BMW 650i convertible is a testament to how high performance a normally relaxed ride can be.

The 650i convertible is propelled by the same 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V-8, 32-valve engine that’s in other high-end 6 Series models. There’s also cutting edge technology that makes handling more precise and parallel parking as easy as pushing a button. Other noteworthy performance features of the new BMW 650i convertible include:

  • Up to 445 horsepower
  • 0-to-60 in as little as 4.4 seconds (xDrive convertible)
  • Up to 480 lb-ft torque
  • Top speed 155 MPH
  • Auto start-stop feature
  • Electro-hydraulic brakes
  • Integral Active Steering
  • 8 speed sport automatic transmission with manual shifting mode
  • Driving Dynamic Controls with eco pro mode
  • M sport suspension
  • Electronically controlled engine cooling
  • Dynamic Damper Control
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Dynamic Brake Control
  • Park Distance Control in front and rear
  • Dynamic Cruise Control
  • Adaptive brake lights
  • Servotronic power steering assist
  • Rearview camera
  • Sport exhaust system

Driving one of the best handling, most luxury-laden convertibles on the road is going to come with a sizeable price tag. The MSRP on a new BMW 650i convertible model is $96,500. Step it up to the 650i xDrive convertible and the starting price starts at $99,500. But the nearly six-figure car is stacked with impressive features. There’s very little room for improvements that cost extra.


It’s easy to argue that the interior is more important for a convertible than a standard vehicle. It’s going to be more impacted by the elements, and the interior is more of a focal point since other drivers can see directly inside. Never had a big rig truck driver compliment your Nappa leather seats? Then you obviously don’t drive a BMW 650i convertible.

BMW gave the interior of the 650i convertible a perfect balance of sporty and sophisticated. It’s the exact type of vibe that fits a high-powered executive who rock climbs sheer cliffs on the weekend. Once you slip behind the wheel you’ll fully appreciate how much thought BMW put into making the ride comfortable. The 20-way adjustable front seats have three levels of heating and lumbar support. The steering wheel can be adjusted to your exact liking and a lineup of controls is within easy reach on the sweeping dashboard.

Tech Components

With BMW, advanced technological components are expected in every vehicle, especially higher end lines like the 6 Series. Every reviewer and driver can agree that the BMW 650i coupe offers a number of impressive tech features, many of which come standard.

The new BMW 650i convertible model includes tech features like:

  • Wireless charging pockets for devices
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • New iDrive 5.0 system
  • Intuitive navigation system with a 10.2” display
  • Harmon Kardon Sound Audio System with 12 speakers
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio with 1-year subscription
  • Ambience lighting all around
  • Enhanced Bluetooth with Mobile Office
  • Enhanced USB
  • 20-way power front seats with lumbar support
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Automatic climate control
  • Anti-theft alarm and audio system
  • Real time traffic information
  • Freezing temperature alarm

Common BMW 650i Convertible Maintenance in Austin

In Texas your car has to meet the requirements of a basic inspection, but BMW maintenance goes well beyond standard performance features. In addition to expert inspections, common BMW 650i convertible maintenance includes:

  • Oil service
  • Air filter replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Air condition tuning
  • Battery replacement

If you want to keep up with maintenance your owner’s manual is the best reference. You’ll get a maintenance timetable that will keep your BMW 650i convertible running smoothly.

BMW 650i Convertible Repair in Austin

Repairs are a fact of life for drivers no matter what car you own. The most common BMW 650i convertible repairs in Austin include:

  • Intake manifold gasket replacement
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Water pump replacement
  • Oil pan reseal
  • Brake squealing

There have been nine 650i model recalls since 2005, but only eight were widespread issues. If you own or want to buy a BMW 650i convertible make sure the issues below are no longer a problem:

  • Fuel pump replacement to fix insufficient wire contacts
  • Auxiliary water pump circuit board could overheat and can catch fire
  • Bolt securing battery connection and loosen and cause overheating
  • Brake vacuum pump leaking
  • Engine stalls in freezing weather
  • Front passenger air bag may not deploy
  • Transmission components in models from 2005 and earlier could fail and allow the vehicle to roll on its own
  • Rear shock absorber replacement

German Auto Center is fully equipped to handle BMW 650i convertible service in Austin. With an exemplary machine like that you can’t trust just any technician. Our Bosch-authorized service center has been servicing, repairing and upgrading BMWs since 1979. We fully understand the intricacies of German engineering and stay on top of all the latest tech that BMW dreams up.

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