BMW M5 Owner’s Guide

Power and performance have never before been so beautifully blended together in a 4-door vehicle. The BMW M5 drives like a roadster but offers all the convenience and comfort of a sedan. It’s one car that will actually turn the heads of sports car enthusiasts as you fly by.

The BMW M5 Essentials

If you need a car that fits more than two people but drives like it doesn’t, then the M5 won’t disappoint. It is the undisputed front-runner in the sport sedan segment, and even after decades of being on the road, none of its competitors have yet to come close to dethroning the M5.

As a part of BMW’s M division, is it a guarantee that the M5 is going to offer unparalleled performance. This car is a shining example of the engineering that BMW has been known for the world over. Drivers will get to enjoy features that include:

• 560 horsepower
• 20 MPG
• Rear-wheel drive
• V8 twin-turbo engine
• 7-speed M-Double Clutch Transmission
• Sport-tuned suspension
• M Carbon ceramic brakes
• Hydraulic power steering

From the 20-way power seats to the leather-wrapped steering wheel, every inch of the M5’s interior screams luxury. The latest version has classic BMW styling and more cabin space for an extremely comfortable ride. Even in the older generations, nearly every interior feature imaginable came standard with the M5.

The interior of the M5 has been designed to be as functional as it is luxurious. One of the standout features is the split down-fold rear seats, which greatly expands the storage capacity.

Tech Components
The more connected your car is the more comfortable, safe and convenient it is to use. No expense was spared in making the BMW M5 as technologically advanced as possible. Features include:

• BMW ConnectedDrive
• Hands-free trunk opening
• Harmon Kardon surround sound audio system
• Real-time traffic alerts
• Active blind spot protection
• iDrive entertainment system with touchscreen display
• Adaptive LED headlights
• Wide range of adjustable drive settings
• Driver Assistance navigation
• Bluetooth connectivity
• USB connections

Upgrades and Options
With the type of upscale features that come standard in the M5 it’s hard to believe there are upgrades for this amazing piece of machinery. Owners can choose to add:

• Competition Package, which brings the horsepower up to 575
• Executive Package
• Driver Assistance Plus
• 6-speed manual transmission
• Rear seat entertainment
• Night vision pedestrian detection
• 20” wheels

Common Problems, Service and Maintenance on the BMW M5

Time to get down to the brass tacks of what M5 owners can expect maintenance-wise. As reliable as the M5 is, owners have reported several issues worth noting. These include:

• Noise from the rear differential while turning
• Cracking in the rubber mounts of the front thrust rod brushings
• Leaks in the power steering hoses
• Premature decay of the door seals
• Failure of the blower final stage fan resistor
• Cracking in the rear sway bar brackets
• Alignment and tire wear problems due to wear in the rear lower ball joints

No one handles BMW repairs in Austin better that German Auto Center. We are a Bosch-authorized Austin BMW service center that’s been doing business in the capital city for more than 35 years. Our expert technicians are equipped to handle all M5 repair and maintenance issues big and small. Give us a call to schedule a time to come by and discuss how we can keep your BMW M5 in pristine condition.

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