BMW Series M Owner’s Guide

The BMW Series M is one of the largest lineups of available models, and it’s all about producing power. The engineers at BMW have been fine-tuning the Series M vehicles for over 40 years. What they’ve ended up with are cars that can keep up on the racetrack but are still street legal.

New models start at just under $52,000 for the M2 Coupe and keep climbing up to nearly $120,000 for the M6 Convertible.

Needless to say, any time a driver needs BMW Series M service in Austin our mechanics are happy to help out. We’ve had the opportunity to see most of these models up close and personal. After years of watching the M Series evolve we’ve learned what makes these cars tick.

The BMW Series M Models

There is literally something that will fit any driver’s preference in the M Series. In the last four decades BMW has crafted nearly a dozen body styles for the line that’s made to satisfy the need for speed.

BMW Series M models include:

M2 Coupe
M3 Sedan
M4 Coupe
M4 Convertible
M5 Sedan
M6 Coupe
M6 Gran Coupe
M6 Convertible
X5 M
X6 M

With the Series M models BMW proves that sporty and speedy come in a variety of packages. This idea will be pushed even further with the M7 and all-wheel drive M5 in 2017.

The BMW Series M Essentials

Performance Factor
One of the most notable features of the BMW Series M vehicles is their lite weight. This comes from the car’s racetrack heritage. In an effort to make these vehicles as nimble as possible, BMW shaved off as many pounds as possible, often by incorporating carbon fiber materials.

The latest BMW Series M performance specifications include:

• Up to 100 horsepower per liter
• Up to 343 pound-foot of torque (M2 model)
• Up to 155 MPH
• 0-to-60 in 4.1 seconds
• Active M differential
• Compound brakes
• Aluminum suspension
• Precision match revving system for smoother shifting
• Closed deck block

BMW Series M The Look
The Series M models have come a very, very long way in terms of style since the M1. A model that was once somewhat angular is now all curves and sleekness. No matter what body style you choose it’s going to have sweeping lines and an aggressive stance. Even the X5 M Sport Activity Vehicle has a swept-back look.

Upfront you’ll find the classic BMW kidney grill and front apron that makes the vehicle look low to the ground. No matter how many doors the car has the M Series models are all somewhat reminiscent of coupes in the back.

BMW Series M Tech Components
Since the M Series is all about racing it’s not surprising that the tech is primarily focused on performance. A few of the most popular tech components of the M Series models include:

• GoPro camera integration with the iDrive display
• M Laptimer app for close circuit driving analysis
• Overboost mode allows for added torque
• Bluetooth connectivity

Common Problems and Maintenance on the BMW Series M Models

Time has allowed BMW’s engineering team to work out a lot of mechanical kinks, however, the M Series isn’t maintenance-free. The fact that there are so many models means that the M Series is bound to have a few common repair and maintenance needs.

At German Auto Center we’ve found that the most common BMW Series M repairs in Austin are:

• Noise coming from the rear differential
• Power steering hoses failing simultaneously
• Failure of the blower final stage fan resistor
• Premature wearing and failure of the brushings
• Trouble with the SMG transmission going into gear

These can all be costly problems to troubleshoot and fix. The good news is owners no longer have to rely on the dealer to provide BMW Series M maintenance in Austin.

We’re Your BMW Series M Austin Repair Specialists

For the best BMW Series M repair in Austin look no further than German Auto Center. We opened our Bosch authorized service center the year after the M1 supercar hit the road, and we’ve been handling M Series maintenance and repair ever since. Whether you have a current model or one of the 23 M models that came before, our BMW specialists can keep you on the road and the racetrack.

Come by or call us to discuss regular maintenance, repairs or performance upgrades for your Series M BMW.

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