The BMW 3 Series Review

Now more than 40 years old, the BMW 3 Series is a classic example of German engineering and impeccable styling. From the first generation in 1975 to the newest models, the 3 Series is BMW’s bestseller for a reason. It’s small without being too compact, it’s more powerful than it appears and there’s an excellent balance of comfort and performance.

The experts at German Auto Center have seen hundreds of 3 series over the decades, and they never disappoint. They may not be the flashiest BMW, but there are many reasons why it’s become a trademark model for the automaker.

The BMW 3 Series Essentials

The 3 Series introduced the concept of a sport sedan, which is extremely popular today. The 3 Series isn’t flashy, but there is just something about the way BMW continues to make this classic car seem fresh yet familiar at the same time. Every generation is more attractive than the last and the handling just keeps getting better.

It’s got all of the characteristics of a BMW from the expertly crafted engine to the latest tech advances incorporated inside. For the purist that prefers four doors, the 3 Series is an ideal BMW.

The BMW 3 Series Body Styles
There are three distinct and complimentary models in the 3 Series lineup. Each one offers something unique based on your ideal driving experience. The 3 Series currently includes:

• 3 Series Sedan – The classic stylings of the 3 Series Sedan is a crowd pleaser everywhere you go.
• 3 Series Gran Turismo – Coupe-like looks with more space than a normal sedan – the Gran Turismo puts aggressive elegance into a roomier package.
• 3 Series Sports Wagon – When you want more room in a sporty frame the Sports Wagon is a model that combines the best of both worlds.

There are a total of four trims: the 320i, 328i, 328d (Sports Wagon) and 335i. It’s worth noting that new Gran Turismos also come with all-wheel drive.

The BMW 3 Series Performance and Pricing
There’s something for just about every driver in the 3 Series. Whether you just want to cruise smoothly down the road or take hairpin turns in all weather conditions, a 3 Series model can handle the ride. The new models also offer amazing efficiency without sacrificing power thanks to new lightweight materials and thoughtful design.

The performance specs for the latest BMW 3 Series models include:

• Up to 300 horsepower
• 50/50 weight distribution
• 0-to-60 in 4.8 seconds
• Up to 36 MPG on the highway
• BMW ConnectedDrive
• Dynamic Stability Control
• Dynamic Traction Control
• iDrive system
• 8-speed sport transmission

Starting at just under $33,000 is hard to find a better-priced BMW than the 3 Series. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a larger model like the Sports Wagon and add on all the upgrades the price can almost double to over $61,000.

The BMW 3 Series Interior
The classic looks continue into the interior of the 3 Series. Inside it’s elegance and comfort all around for the driver and their passengers. The panoramic moon roof lets light in from all angles making the interior feel that much roomier. It’s just one of the luxurious touches that remind you you’re in an ultimate driving machine.

There are also a number of convenient design features. For example, the split folding seats in the Gran Turismo and Sport Wagon that make it easy to reach things in the spacious cargo area. For a more stylized look owners can opt for the M Sport, Sport or Luxury package.

BMW 3 Series Model Repairs, Service and Maintenance

The BMW TeleService feature in new models makes it easy to figure out when and if your 3 Series needs maintenance. But what about all those earlier models that are still on the road? The 3 Series BMW repairs in Austin that we come across the most are:

• Fuel pumps needing to be replaced and high pressure
• Low AC refrigerant that causes noise
• Problems with the folding mirror operation
• Engine misfires upon start up
• Leaking oil from the lower engine

At our Austin BMW maintenance shop we have worked on thousands of makes and models over more than 35 years. We’ve seen every 3 Series model and fully understand what is needed to keep these BMWs in top condition. Give us a call today if you need performance enhancements, regular maintenance or repair.

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