The BMW 5 Series Review

The BMW 5 Series was originally built for executive types more than 40 years ago helping it earn the designation “executive car”, also better known as a mid-sized luxury car. BMW set the bar high for itself and all the other competitors that continue to try and replicate the 5 Series’ blend of handsome design, sheer power and luxurious comfort.

It’s the second bestselling model for BMW, which means we have seen our fair share of 5 Series models at German Auto Center. When you’re behind the wheel of a 5 Series it’s easy to see why after all these years it’s still the luxury car of choice for thousands of drivers.

The BMW 5 Series Essentials

Who said high performance couldn’t be put in a sophisticated, mid-size sedan frame? Surely not the engineers at BMW. No detail has been overlooked in the 5 Series, and it shows.

BMW 5 Series Body Styles
The 5 Series could stand alone with just one model, but to keep things interesting BMW has added a second option into the mix. The 5 Series currently offers:

• 5 Series Sedan – Classically attractive and unexpectedly powerful is exactly what you’ll get with the sedan model.
• 5 Series Gran Turismo – For sportier, roomier driving experience that’s on par with the 7 Series the Gran Turismo is the model of choice.

There are three trims to choose from: the 528i, 535i and 550i. Each model is also available in all-wheel drive.

BMW 5 Series Performance and Pricing
In the world of BMW, a bigger frame means one thing – more room for a more powerful engine under the hood, because this automaker isn’t about to put out a sluggish luxury vehicle. The 5 Series is also packed with the latest technology that makes handling easier and more responsive. As a result drivers enjoy a sense of control like never before.

The performance specs for the latest BMW 3 Series models include:

• Up to 445 horsepower
• Up to 480 lb-ft torque
• 0-to-60 in 4.3 seconds
• Up to 31 MPG on the highway
• Adapative LED headlights
• Active Cruise Control
• Active Blind Spot Protection
• Dynamic Driving Control with 5 driving modes

The price for a 5 Series BMW varies widely depending on the model and amount of upgrades that are selected. The base price is just under $50,000 for the sedan and $61,000 for the Gran Turismo. However, if you plan to go all out on a Gran Truismo expect the final cost to be closer to $90,000.

BMW 5 Series Interior
There is an unforgettable elevated level of style in the interior of a 5 Series BMW. It has a feeling of grandeur that doesn’t let you forget you are in a luxury vehicle. But if you want the ultimate in comfort there are upgrades like the 20-way power front seats and supple Nappa leather upholstery.

The interior has sweeping, smooth curves that give the inside of the 5 Series a continuous, cohesive look and feel. Another notable design feature is the oversized moon roof, windshield and windows that connect the comfort of the interior with the road ahead.

BMW 5 Series Model Repairs, Service and Maintenance

The BMW 5 Series is as highly reliable as one would expect. However, there are a few quirks that can plague these models. Here are the top 5 Series BMW repairs in Austin that we handle at our shop:

• Leaking oil from the engine
• Coolant leaking from the radiator
• Failure in the front tension strut brushings
• Failure in the front thrust rod brushings
• Simultaneous failure of multiple power steering hoses

Don’t trust your 5 Series to just any Austin BMW maintenance shop. At German Auto Center we are a Bosch-authorized service shop that has operated in Central Texas for more than 35 years. We understand everything there is to know about driving a BMW in Austin. Call us today if your 5 Series BMW needs a repair, performance enhancements or regular maintenance.

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