The BMW 9 Series Review

Sleek doesn’t begin to describe the bullet-like BMW 9 Series. There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about this newest stallion in the BMW stables. Upon first glance it appears to be a modern day version of the classic 8 Series that redefined coupes in the 1990s. However, this ultra luxury sedan is worlds away from anything created 25 years ago.

Unfortunately, the future of this head turning concept car is up in the air. The 9 Series looked like it was slated for production, and BMW’s new CEO Harald Krueger seemed to be on board. But when Krueger took the reins he cut the strings on the 9 Series for now. But that doesn’t mean the team at German Auto Center can’t dream about the day a 9 Series rolls into our shop.

The BMW 9 Series Essentials

If you’re into flash, speed and sexy styling the 9 Series was designed for you. This wasn’t meant to be a subtle car in any sense of the word. The 9 Series was created to be the automaker’s range topping luxury sedan that could compete with the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

9 Series Models
It’s too soon to know where the 9 Series will go, but the first gen is a stunning sedan that resembles the Gran Lusso coupe. However, looks can be deceiving. The hidden handles give the car a super sleek look and help conceal the suicide doors in back.

It’s low to the ground with long, sweeping curves that scream aerodynamic. From the headlights to the rear view mirrors to the taillights, slim and streamlined is the style of choice for the 9 Series.

BMW 9 Series Performance and Pricing
The performance specs for the 9 Series are an unknown. But it’s a guarantee that they’ll be on par or better than the 7 Series that boasts top speeds of 155 MPH and over 445 horsepower. It’s also a given that the 9 Series would be fully loaded with all of the latest BMW technology like iDrive 5, and the concept car comes equipped with numerous touchscreen controls.

Pricing at this point is nothing but speculation. However, considering the specs and styling of the 9 Series, it’s easy to surmise that the base price would be well over $100,000 before upgrades.

BMW 9 Series Interior
Inside the 9 Series that’s made the auto show rounds one of the most stand out features is the smooth, elongated dash. Unlike some BMWs the dash of the 9 Series is very paired down and minimal. The raw, natural looking wood grain is a great juxtaposition to the aluminum accents and sleek exterior.

The concept car also had a fairly ample looking backseat for two passengers complete with ergonomic bucket seats. The sweeping design is carried through to the interior, helping to give the backseats a more reclined, comfortable position. The inside really makes to most of the long wheelbase offering plenty of legroom all around.

BMW 9 Series Model Repairs, Service and Maintenance

If we were given the chance to get our hands on a 9 Series BMW we’d take it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, our Austin BMW maintenance shop won’t get that opportunity anytime soon. However, we have decades of experience working on virtually every other BMW at our Bosch-authorized service center. Call us today to schedule regular maintenance, performance enhancements or BMW repairs in Austin.

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