Land Rover Defender Owner’s Guide

The Land Rover Defender is a World Car Design of the Year Winner for a reason. It’s made to handle the most rugged terrain while still looking good going down the highway. What the Defender can withstand from the hardened body to the submersible engine is nothing short of amazing and an engineering feat for Land Rover. 

Thinking about owning a Land Rover Defender in Austin? Check out this quick overview to get a better idea if this all-terrain vehicle is right for you.

The Land Rover Defender Model Essentials

When the Land Rover Defender as we know it hit the market in 1994 it already had decades of innovation behind the design. The distinctive look makes the Defender hard to miss, but what’s on the inside is equally appealing. The Defender is already iconic, but Land Rover is somehow able to elevate the model with each iteration and the latest edition is no exception.

Land Rover Defender Performance 

The Land Rover Defender model is impressive in the performance department when you consider it’s supposed to excel at off-roading, which it does. But the Defender also provides a surprisingly smooth ride when you’re on the street. The 4-cylinder could be a little peppier and quicker, however, there’s always the new V8 if you want more power. 

The new Land Rover Defender model has the following performance specs: 

Land Rover Discovery Pricing

The Land Rover Discovery starts at a very reasonable $47,700 considering its off-road capabilities and high design. But the price more than doubles to $112,200 if you go all the way up to the Defender 110 V8 Carpathian.

Tech Features in the Land Rover Defender Model

Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you. The Land Rover Defender is teched out on the inside for entertainment, convenience and comfort. Land Rover has really stepped it up with advanced features like wireless charging that come standard in the base model.  

The latest Land Rover Defender model includes tech features like:  

Land Rover Defender Repair in Austin

The Land Rover Defender can handle all terrains, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible on the road. Over the decades there have been a few repairs that are more common than others. 

Some of the most common Land Rover Defender repairs in Austin that we see include: 

Common Land Rover Defender Maintenance in Austin

Going all-terrain requires a fair amount of maintenance. Fortunately, the maintenance measures are worth it when you own a Land Rover Defender. With the recommended maintenance you can easily get 150,000 miles or more out of the engine. 

Regular Land Rover Discovery maintenance that starts at 7,500 miles includes:

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