BMW Plans to Build a New Factory in Mexico

New Factory in the Works to Meet U.S. Demand for BMW Luxury Cars Supply and demand has always been the basis for business no matter what industry or country a company is in, and right now BMW Group is trying to keep up with the latter. Production chief Harold Krueger has noted that BMW Group […]

BMW 8 Series Celebrates 25 Years

Many car models don’t make it past a few years of production or even out of the concept phase so the fact that the BMW 8 series production run was a solid 10 years is a feat worth mentioning. The 8 series just turned 25 years old, and the BMW world headquarters rang in its […]

Audi LED Lighting Technology

The Technology Behind the New Audi LED Lights Audi is in the business of creating innovative vehicles that provide best-in-class performance at every level. One of the latest ways they are making waves in the auto world is with their laser-enhanced lights. Audi LED Headlights and Taillights Blend Form & Functionality The lights of a […]

BMW: Record Sales Continue in April

Record Sales for BMW Continue in April The BMW Group recently announced that BMW USA sales broke records in the first quarter of 2014, and it appears that the trend is set to continue. This year the Group had its best April ever with 162,093 sales, which is 4.3% higher than the same time last […]

The Best Selling Audi A4 Continues to Expand and Innovate

The A4 model has undoubtedly been a huge success for Audi. Now the German automaker is expanding the series with the A4 Avant and A4 Allroad Quattro. Here we’ll take a look at the features of all three models and discuss how Audi has solidified its place at the top of the upscale mid-size car […]

BMW Group Reports 2014 Year-to-Date Sales Report

This year is shaping up to be a very good one for BMW of North America. From new BMWs to used cars to motorcycles, BMW sales in the US are up across the board, and the company even reported the best March on record in 2014. It’s news that Austin BMW service experts are happy […]

What to Look for When Searching for a Porsche Expert in Austin

Porsche service, repair and upkeep isn’t something that can be handled by just any mechanic. Porsche repair shops in Austin are abundant, however they aren’t created equal. When it’s time to bring your Porsche in for service here’s how to scout out the shop that can get the job done. What to Consider When Comparing […]

Porsche Repair Cost: How Local Independent Shops Can Help You Save

Porsches are known for their outstanding performance, handling and undeniably sleek design. The other side of the coin is that they are known to have expensive repair costs and the cost of maintaining a Porsche is notoriously high as well. The truth is any car can have expensive fixes, and all luxury sports cars are […]

Common Porsche Repairs to Expect When Buying a Used

Buying a used Porsche is often far more economical than buying new when you look at the price tag. However, all vehicles have long-term costs that should be factored in. These include gas, insurance, oil, servicing, maintenance and repair. Like many places, Porsche repair in Austin isn’t cheap. If you’re buying used be aware that […]

Get Advice on Porsche Service in Austin From Local Expert Len Gilmore

Len Gilmore is an expert at Austin Porsche repair and servicing on all types of models. He puts that expertise to good use at the German Auto Center, an Austin shop that has been serving the local Porsche community for the last 35 years. Recently Len shared some of his insights in a video that […]