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Buying a Used Porsche

What to Know About Purchasing a Pre-Owned Porsche Owning a Porsche is on the bucket list of many car enthusiasts. These sports cars are examples of exemplary engineering and classic

Porsche Boxster: Common Engine Problems

Right from the onset, the Porsche Boxster’s M96 engine (and subsequent M97) was developed to offer superior performance and scalability. However, mechanical endeavors are rarely perfect on the first attempt.

Buying a Used BMW in Austin, TX

Considerations When Buying a Used BMW In the market for a used BMW? Buying any used car requires careful consideration, but for BMWs there are a number of specific things

All about the SUV 2015 Porsche Macan

All About Porsche’s New SUV – The 2015 Porsche Macan American drivers have had a love affair with SUVs for the last few decades. The interest is so strong that

Top 5 Mercedes-Benz Repair Problems

Top 5 Mercedes-Benz Auto Problems to Watch Out For Mercedes-Benz has gained a reputation for producing some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. While problems aren’t commonplace, there

Tesla Motors to Partner with BMW

Talk of Tesla Contributing to BMW Batteries Has Begun Since this summer there was a lot of buzz about Tesla sharing its electric car technology. Unlike many businesses, Tesla appears

German Auto Center

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